Naples | Full Orthopedic Pocket Spring Hypersoft Mattress

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  • 5 Zone Pocket Spring mattress
  • High Quality Hypersoft and HR Sponge
  • Specially Designed Comfortable Fabric
  • Napoly mattress series, designed in accordance with human anatomy, supports your body from 5 different points with different firmness levels during sleep with its 5-Zone Pocket Spring system. High quality Hypersoft and HR sponge technology provides optimal sleep comfort and regulates blood flow. It allows you to experience a deep sleep by reducing your involuntary movements. Thanks to the springs placed in independent packages, couples with different weight and height characteristics can sleep comfortably and without disturbing each other. These superior features, combined with the specially designed comfortable fabric, make the Napoly mattress a comfortable sleeping option for years to come. Napoli Mattress provides excellent lumbar support in its first layer, thanks to its high density hypersoft sponge. Excellent body support and excellent comfort.