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Liquid Proof Cotton Mattress Pad Pillow Protector (2 PCS)
Liquid Proof Cotton Mattress Pad Pillow Protector (2 PCS)
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Liquid Proof Cotton Mattress Pad Pillow Protector (2 PCS)

Pillow Mattress

Pillow Mattress

Helps pillows remain more sterile and maintain their form for a long time pillow mattress Its varieties also prepare the ground for a quality sleep. Mattress models, which are used directly on the pillows, protect the pillows from external factors such as dust and dirt. The products, which generally have a quilted or plain texture, offer skin-friendly properties with their natural ingredients. You too Soley bedroom You can closely examine the pillow cover models among its products, pillow mattress prices You can get information about. Alright, What is a pillow mattress ? Here are the curious details about the pillow mattress protector…

What is Pillow Mattress?

Pillow cover, also known as pillow protector, can be defined as a textile product that acts as a protector between the pillow and the pillow case. Protecting the pillows against stains, dust and dirt, the mattress protectors also prevent the pillows from wearing out in a short time. Thus, pillows stay clean and well-groomed for longer. Pillow cover models designed with ingredients such as microfiber and cotton promise comfort to users during sleep.

What is the Use of Pillow Mattress?

Pillow covers are one of the most functional bed textile products. The prominent functions of pillow cover models can be listed as follows:

  • Pillow cover types provide users with an advantage in terms of cleaning by preventing the pillows that are difficult to wash from getting dirty.
  • Products that protect the surface of frequently dirty pillows offer a more sterile usage experience.
  • Liquid-proof cushion mattress protector Thanks to its different types of pillows, contact with water and liquids is prevented. Products that are indispensable especially in baby and teenager rooms; It promises practical sleep processes. Thanks to the mattress pad, the pillows do not get dirty due to problems such as spilled milk and drooling.
  • Mattresses also significantly reduce the possibility of yellowing and wear of pillows, thus increasing the life of the pillows.

Benefits of Using Pillow Mattress

Pillow protectors provide many important benefits for users. It is possible to list the prominent benefits of using a pillow cover as follows:

  • Protects the pillow: Mattresses, which prevent the skin's natural oil secretion as well as liquids such as sweat, cream and lotion from passing onto the pillow, help keep the pillow clean.
  • It prevents external factors: Pillow covers, which create a barrier against external factors such as bad odors, ensure that the pillow stays clean for a longer time.
  • Provides practical use: Pillows are one of the most difficult products to wash. Pillow covers can be easily washed in the washing machine. It is possible to keep the pillow surface clean by washing the pillow covers frequently. The mattress pads used in goose feather pillows provide comfort by preventing the feathers used as filling material in the pillow from coming out of the surface.
  • It helps keep the skin clean: Pillow mattress pads produced from skin-friendly natural materials contribute to the reduction of microorganisms that may form on the pillow surface. cotton pillow mat The models offer a healthy use by absorbing sweat and moisture from the skin with their breathable structure. Products with antibacterial properties help the skin stay cleaner.

Cotton Pillow Cover Models from Soley

Pillowcase products produced by Soley are offered with a standard pillow size of 50 x 70 cm. Models purchased in 2 pieces are suitable for both single and double beds. Pillow cover models, which have liquid and waterproof properties, prevent factors such as sweat and moisture from passing into the pillow. It has a fabric content of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. mattress protector It is indispensable for users with its varieties, soft and skin-friendly structures. Pillow pads can be machine washed at 30 degrees and do not require ironing. Since Soley-produced bedroom products comply with OEKO-TEX 100 standards, the products do not contain ecologically harmful substances. After the mattress protectors dry, you can immediately put them on a pillow and use them. You can immediately examine the features of the cotton pillow mattress protector models in the Soley collections and purchase the products.