Alena | 7 Zone Viscogel Memory Sponge Technology Sponge Mattress

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  • Minimalist geometry meets comfort in the sponge bed. Aleena's modern design is an extraordinary combination of style and practicality that keeps you comfortable while making your bedroom look stylish.
  • It is produced with CNC-cut 7-Zone channels and ViscoGel that easily takes the shape of your body to provide optimum support throughout the night.
  • With ViscoGel infusion, it helps you experience a more comfortable night's sleep by maintaining temperature balance in all seasons.
  • Thanks to its durable memory foam structure, it maintains its form for many years.
  • Thanks to its zippered design, it can be easily washed.
  • With its minimalist and innovative design, it is much more useful than traditional beds and can be easily carried and washed.
  • Hardness Rating: 3/5
  • Mattress type: ViscoGel Sponge
  • Warranty Period: 2 Years
  • Thanks to its accelerated Roll-Pack technology, it is delivered in easily portable sizes and is ready for use only 3 hours after opening (It must be kept in the same position for 36 hours to take its full shape.)